Firing on Fort Sumter:  'The Opening Ball"

Firing on Fort Sumter: "The Opening Ball"

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2019 Tickets

Doors will open Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 7:00 pm. Ticket price for the Ball is $20 each for adults, $10 each for children twelve and under.  Capacity of the American Legion Hall is 100 persons, and since the Ball sells out every year, no tickets will be sold at the door.  When all tickets have been sold, a notice will appear on this page.  Tickets are not refundable unless the event is cancelled.  

After thirteen great years, we have decided to end the tradition of Firing on Fort Sumter: "The Opening Ball"         We would like to thank all of our past guests, and the many volunteers who contributed their time and talents to make the Ball so successful and enjoyable. We encourage our friends to support similar events, so as to preserve the memory of our Victorian ancestors' social customs and traditions. The gentlemen of the States Rights Gist Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, are grateful for having had the opportunity to highlight the dances which helped to alleviate some of the suffering and trials of the War Between the States years. 

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